We Got The Atmosphere

Yo, I'm whole, and I'm here now
And I'm really bossy
Y'all make peace, or I'll call on the posse
I'll tell you the truth,
To select and collect ain't my ??? de luxe
Choose the other word,
The world ain't my burden,
To wriggle the rhyme, I'll be your mind surgeon
I'm fed up with all this sick slack
Cause I'm one of a time and never so fine a brother ??? back

So here's the story, and you better pay attention
To lower the level of my sole intention
Reminds me - how low did that base go?
???????????????????? and burn my face
So I'll give you a chance, cause I'm civilized
And my primary goal, it ain't oversized
So please help me out in the search for the key
Cause all me want is some harmony

We got the atmosphere
We've got a goal to share
Won't let nobody tear it down.

So suckers! Let's scream out the bomb
And when push comes to shove it's all a matter of time
And we all recognize
That life is a game with a dice
But we don't realize
That profits only raise the prize
So let's be good and make it clear and understood
That I would sympathize with everyone if I could
So please help me out in the search for the key
Cause if I really want something bad it's harmony.


Written by Eriksson/Renck
Produced by Anders Wollbeck and Alexander Bard
Co-produced and engineered by Per Adebratt
Recorded and mixed at Sonet Studios, Stockholm
Backing vocals by The Jam Pact and Paula Nielsen
Executive producer: Ola Håkansson

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