Numania 1

Follow me
To this world
That I've built,
For my tough belief is the key
And by stealth, I must leave to be free

I don't know what they want
Don't know if they are here
Can't go, cause I've gone too far...


We can be this strong and remain
Everlasting, long, and skip all the pain
It's torment, have I gone insane
All efforts and acts seem to be in vain

How? This force
Is too strong
Must stand here and obey
I know
That it's wrong
How can....

I get away
From hell.


????? at twelve, I fall again
I'm caught and chewed by these mortal jaws
Blackened and confused, is this the end?

Did I
Get into
This pit of deadly sin
Don't know
What to do


Written by Eriksson/Renck
Produced by Per Adebratt & E-Type + Stakka B
Engineered by Per Adebratt
Recorded and mixed at Sonet Studios 2, Stockholm
Executive producer: Ola Håkansson

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